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Jul. 31st, 2012

(no subject)

LA. Just an Update, but I have decided to create a new account and that I will no longer be posting on this account :") 
The new account is calleeeeed ; ehmuhlehy if you'd still like to read my fics. 
And I shall be moving all of these fics to my new journal (: 
I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone D:  

Jan. 17th, 2012


Pairing : Yamachii, Inoobu, Okajima
Genre : Romance, Fluff
Rating : G
Author : emilyy_143hsj
Summary : Of all the ways to confess, writing a fanfic was they way Yamada choose to go. ~really lame, summary xD 

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I accept you ~ Collapse )

Jan. 16th, 2012

Better Off - One Shot

Pairing : Yamachii, Takachii.
Genre : Romance, fluff, slice of life? xD
Rate : G
Author : emilyy_143hsj
Summary : He'll be better off without him, and he knows it deep inside.. [Summary's really lame, xD]  

'Because.. I love you..' Collapse )


Jan. 15th, 2012

Love At First Sight - Chapter 1

Pairings : Yamachii 
Author : emilyy_143hsj 
Chapter 1 : What is this feeling? 
A/N : Ahh, so this is my first chaptered series so I'll try my best to update as much as I can :') anyways, enjoy ! 
Summary : Yamada's giving off weird vibes towards, Chinen. 

Prologue Collapse )

Why is my heart beating so fast? Collapse )

Oct. 6th, 2011

Love At First Sight

author : me -- emilyy_143hsj
genre : romance, fluff.
rating : G
pairing : yamachii, nakachii (friendship) .
summary : Chinen Yuuri thinks he's fallen in love with a boy he barely knows. Is it true love? Or pure admiration?


I never believed in Love At First Sight..

Until I saw him. His smile, and laugh. His flawless looking skin. The way his long, brown hair fell around his cheeks, causing him to always push hair out of his eyes. His eyes. A deep dark brown.. Engulfing me into a sea of that mesmorizing colour.

Those eyes that holds, happiness. Those eyes that locked onto mine the minute I walked into that classroom. Those eyes.. That made my knees weak. The way his voice seems to make my stomache do backflips, countinously with ever seeming to stop.

Yamada Ryosuke.

Are you a wizard..? Holding me captive with your powers?

I still question myself.. Is this real love.. Or pure admiration? Gah.. Chinen Yuuri. You are a mess.


A/N : gaaah.. Well. This was supposed to be a One Shot.. But uhm. Seeing as that didn't happen x3 i decided to make my first chaptered series ! ahha. I wrote this at 5:40 a.m seeing as my sister likes to turn my alarm on an hour early -______-' .. So don't mind the rusty-ness.. That you may catch, above. & the fact that its extremely short :| --Comments are much appreciated ! ^^~ , oh and what do you think? Is Chinen simply admiring Yamada? Or is the really love for our ichigo prince, ne ~?

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Sep. 18th, 2011

Hellos, and Goodbyes.

Pairing : Yamachii
Genre : Fluff, Angst 
Author : ME >:')
Summary : Goodbyes are always followed after Hellos. Chinen has excepted his Hello.. but still has not excepted his Goodbye.. 
A/N : sigh~ my first angst .. it's not the best D;< 

He was finally mine.. Collapse )

Aug. 24th, 2011

Leading Memories

Title : Leading Memories

gaah D; this is my first .. Fanfic.. ~^^ i'm not sure if its any good.. Or if im even doing this riight.. [i.e : if i used 'chan' correctly..] But please comment and tell me what you think ;') anou, i really love the Yamachii 'couple' .. And i've read a bunch of Yamachii fanfics .. Which sort of inspirared me, to write my own.. Aha, at this time there was news a tornado was coming soooo~ aha.. I gueess thanks to that it gave me the ideaa of writting this ;D .. Uhm, im not sure.. But i think you'd call this a drabble..? Correct me if im wrong.im not used to these terms yet o-o jaa ~ copyrightstome? XD
- [genre] : romance, fluff <<<( that what you call it ?)
- [pairing] : yamachii
- [rating] : G
- [author] : emilyy_143hsj
- [summary] : Chinen-chan runs away D;

===================== ^^ =====

..you silly boy.Collapse )

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