those unspoken words.

my Perfect Two :D
~emilyykaate ;D feel free to call me, Mi-chan :)
i'm turning 14 in april (despite what my birthday says) , and i rly enjoy writing. :D
I love x1000 KAT-TUN , HSJ , Arashi , newS , ( ~ basicallyy, all johnny's. )
For KAT-TUN , Ueda Tatsuyyaaaaaa <3 is my ichiban and jun matsumoto, for Arashi <3
I ADORE Chinen&Yamada <3 .
but i also, enjoy : Inoobu and I don't mind, Okajima.
The fanfics I usually write, are bound to be Yamachii. I do not own, Yamada Ryosuke, or Chinen Yuri or any of the other HEY SAY JUMP members. However, the fanfics are purely mine, and come from my own imagination . please no copying :'D
I would love to write a collab, with some of you, and I'll take requests as well :)
Besides, Johnny Talents, I am also a huge fan, of 2PM, Super Junior (DONGHAE<3), SNSD, & F.T Island .
My profile goes by the name ; ehkay.love , which is a little play on words that my friends and I came up with . :)
my initials are E.K, and my friends and I have an inside joke that has to do with the word achey.
so I decided to name the name : EhKay (Achey) Love . :) lol
~/ I Would Like To Make Friends :'D
SO , message me.. < or something. & tell me something about yourself. :)
.. i have bioblock. < what i call the writersblock, of writting bio's.. on forums and such . :'O
i shall, add something more, if I can think about anything that may.. be important O-O;